Share Your Event Worldwide

Alongside our videography services. We also have the capability of live streaming your event over the internet world wide to a wide variety of platforms that include:

• Facebook
• YouTube
• Twitch
• Mixer
• Periscope

Live Streaming is a easy and effective way reach a wider audience
in real time. 

Events that we commonly live stream include:
Conferences, Public Dialogs, Book Launches and Seminars.

We provide all of our own equipment and data for your event.  We have 2 setups to meet you needs

  1. 4 Camera setup with audio inputs and live switching
  2. 2 camera setup with audio inputs and live switching

We have the capability to add in PowerPoint presentations, picture in picture effects, graphic overlays and much more!

Our live streaming packages start from R3000, including all the equipment and staff

Our Live Streaming Services