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Increasing market share and credibility

What is content Marketing?

It is not what you might think it is, it is different from traditional marketing efforts such as direct sales and advertisements.

Content Marketing is more educational in its nature, including informative articles, e-books, videos, entertainment and social media posts that are not explicitly promoting a brand or product. Instead, it stimulates interest in your products and services.

Traditional marketing of products and services is still essential, content marketing is used to boost your brand’s awareness while cementing its credibly in the industry.

Content Marketing


Here is a simple example of traditional marketing vs content marketing from the view of a bicycle shop

Traditional Marketing

Print adverts, digital adverts, TV commercials, direct sales, outdoor media etc.

These are all used to encourage a consumer to purchase a specific product from you. These mediums advertise a particular product or service to a consumer in the hope they make a purchase.

Don't get us wrong, traditional marketing is essential, the two need to work hand in hand to maximise results.

Content Marketing

A how-to guide for replacing a bike chain.

Although this media will not encourage consumers to come to your physical or online store, it will pass on valuable knowledge to your direct target market, increasing your credibility in the marketplace.

When next a consumer requires bicycle-related products or services, who or what are they most likely to remember? An advert in a newspaper, or an engaging video that left them more knowledgeable than before?

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