Live Streaming Services

Share Your Event Worldwide

Alongside our videography services. We have the capability of live streaming your event over the internet world wide to a wide variety of platforms that include:

• Facebook
• YouTube
• Twitch
• Mixer
• Periscope

Live Streaming is a easy and effective way reach a wider audience in real time. 

Events that we commonly live stream include: Conferences, Public Dialogs, Book Launches and Seminars.

We provide all of our own equipment and data for your event.  

We have 2 setups to meet you needs:

  1. 4 Camera setup with audio inputs and live switching
  2. 2 camera setup with audio inputs and live switching

We have the capability to add in PowerPoint presentations, picture in picture effects, graphic overlays and much more!

Below is a brief overview of our services and what we can offer you. 

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