Video production Services

Offering video production services from short-form YouTube adverts, company profiles and property listings to conferences and educational content, The Visual Studio provides a cost-effective and professional service to suit your needs. We offer single and multi-camera setups as well as professional live streaming services.

Below are the types of videos productions we create for our clients.

Live Streaming

Company Profiles

CEO / MD address


Product Launches

Promotional Videos

Property Listings

Web Commercials

Corporate Awards

Client Testimonials

Corporate Training

A Selection Of Our Favourite Videos

Woman in Architecture & Interior Design

Humanities Promotional Video

ReMax Masters | Realestate Promotion

Hospi-furn Promotional Video
UJ Faculty of Health Sciences – Animation
Confucius Institute (UJCI)
Trinityhouse Little Falls Promo

Trinityhouse Heritage Hill Promo

IPATC Promo 2018
Hospi-furn Promotional Video
ABBOTTS College Promo Video
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